Widely credited as “the university of sports marketing”, West Nally was established in 1970 by BBC presenter & sports commentator Peter West and 23 year old “whizz kid” Patrick Nally

Patrick Nally

Patrick Nally is often described as the founding father of modern sports marketing.

He is CEO of West Nally, the company he founded with legendary BBC sports broadcaster Peter West in the 1970s, and through which he transformed the relationship between the worlds of sports and commerce by creating the blueprint for sponsorship which generates $billions for FIFA, the International Olympic Committee and other major rights owners to this day. Patrick defined the past and is now shaping the future as President of the International Federation of Poker, a consultant to UNESCO and architect of The Pathfinder Project.

match poker

As President of the International Federation of Match Poker, Patrick Nally has continued to demonstrate the innovation, clarity of vision and willingness to challenge accepted norms which have distinguished his career in sport.

Under his Presidency the IFMP has developed a team-based, non-gambling and technology-driven format of the sport called Match Poker which is set to become recognised as a true mind sport based on players’ skill and accepted by the global sports community.

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